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We are pleased to welcome podcaster, gamer, actor, and all-around great guy Jeff Cannata to Ludology! Jeff can be heard on DLC, We Have Concerns, and the /Filmcast.

We take a very deep dive into the contrasts between tabletop and video games. This one gets very philosophical, so be prepared :)

Duration: 1:18:32

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In this classic GameTek, Geoff takes a look at some recent court cases involving games.

Duration: 5:59

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Gil and Geoff field a litany of listener questions!

Duration: 1:20:22

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Scott Rogers is back with another Biography of a Board Game, this time focusing on Scrabble! 

KWYJIBO for the win!

Duration: 9:56

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Gil and Geoff are thrilled to welcome Raph Koster, author of A Theory of Fun, and video game designer. We talk about a wide range of topics, include MMOs, keeping players engaged, emotions in games, and, of course, fun.

Duration: 1:28:41

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In this classic GameTek, Geoff talks about the Prisoner's Dilemma facing Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri.

Duration: 6:05

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Gil and Geoff talk about designing low-interaction games. Sometimes you just want to work on your own little corner of the world - and some players prefer that. What are techniques create engaging experiences without conflict?

Duration: 56:53

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A sweet surprise! Biography of a Board Game takes a look at Candyland.

Duration: 8:51

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Gil and Geoff are joined by Stephen Buonocore from Stronghold Games to discuss the state of the board game industry as we enter 2018.

Duration: 1:12:05

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Geoff has an insight about how game structure can keep players engaged, and is excited to share.

Duration 56:39

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